Program Objectives

The objective of the United Community Action Network Programs: To provide high-risk youth from ages 11-18 access to a healthy social, emotional, and academic environmental through community wide interagency collaborative by providing mentor and mentoring service to build life skills and self-efficacy.




  • Maintain current level of school-based mentor services for High Risk students in grades 7-12 who are referred from the A.V. High School District and Los Angeles County Probation Camps.
  • Provide career and life skills mentoring services to an additional 100 students per year by expanding program to ages 11-20, and by encouraging referrals from parents and community agencies in addition to schools.
  • Provide conflict resolution and anger management mentoring services to community day school students who are released from Camp and school visits.
  • Increase the number of youth referred form the probation department who are participating in the music and arts mentoring services at United Community Action Network (UCAN) by 40 students per year.
  • Provide 30 high-risk students per year the opportunity to participating neighborhood improvement projects with a faith-based group called Neighborhood Impact.
  • Provide all Parents and Guardians with a minimum of 6 weeks of Strength based evidenced based parenting program approved by Probation and OJJDP that will address all the risk factors that caused the incarceration of the youth assisting them with developing a written action plan for the youth’s release.
  • Second drug offense counseling services will be provided to at-risk students and their parents as an intervention measure and/or as part of an expulsion rehabilitation plan, including those students who are at risk for gang involvement.  The sessions will be provided through the school year with six drug diversion modules of 45 minutes each in a classroom setting on the Phoenix High School campus with a minimum of 10 students per class.  Parents of participating students may attend parenting classes at the United Community Action Network facility.

School Assemblies

Violence has become a way of dealing with problems among our youth and it is urgent that we redirect their responses in a positive way.  This is why UCAN holds school assemblies with a message to the youth to overthrow drugs, alcohol, violence, crime, and hatred through exciting speakers.

Support Groups

The purpose of both the parent and the youth support groups is to rebuild relationships within the family and provide parents and their children problem-solving techniques while stressing communications.  This program not only assists them in dealing with their family issues, but also offers teaching skills for the dysfunctional family.

Drug and Alcohol Diversion

This is an outpatient, non-intensive treatment program for adolescents.  Parents of teens will be requested to attend the Parent Support Group and teens may also be requested to attend the Teen Support Group.  Services are provided on a sliding scale based on family’s ability to pay or by voucher.  This program works dually diagnosed patients.